SquareTWHG1 Level 1The World's Hardest Game 2.1 EXTENDED!
The Worlds Hardest Game WikiThe worlds hardest gameWorlds Hardest Game (Game)
File:Blue Enemy.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Feature.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.png
File:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 10 - Harder than it looks.png
File:TWHG1 Level 11 - Just give up... it keeps getting harder.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 12 - I hope you're not in a hurry.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 13 - This is way too easy. Seriously. Not hard.png
File:TWHG1 Level 14 - It starts to get real tricky here.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 15 - There's an easy way and a hard way.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 16 - Give up, this one isn't even hard.png
File:TWHG1 Level 17 - You won't beat the game.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 18 - This one is so hard you'll never do it.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 19 - Not so easy, is it?.png
File:TWHG1 Level 1 - You don't know what you're getting into.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 20 - It gets harder now.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 21 - You've already lost.png
File:TWHG1 Level 22 - Don't choke!.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 23 - Around and around....pngFile:TWHG1 Level 24 - This one isn't hard if you know the trick.png
File:TWHG1 Level 25 - You're probably getting frustrated.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 26 - Shouldn't even take more than 2 deaths....pngFile:TWHG1 Level 27 - Not hard at all.png
File:TWHG1 Level 28 - Baby want his bottle?.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 29 - Might be tricky.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 2 - Don't even bother trying.png
File:TWHG1 Level 30 - Impossible.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 3 - I can almost guarantee you will fail.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 4 - That one was easy.png
File:TWHG1 Level 5 - This one is easier than your mother.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 6 - Don't get dizzy, now.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 7 - How fast can you go?.png
File:TWHG1 Level 8 - Don't get confused, now.pngFile:TWHG1 Level 9 - How fast are your reflexes?.png

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